New Facebook Profile Page : How to Switch/Change?


Facebook does not seem to get tired of putting new updates on the site, for better or for worse. Facebook has just rolled out the new look/layout of Facebook Profile Page.

For those who haven’t implemented the update, here are 3 key changes to expect from this revamp:

1. New recent photo dock: In your wall posts page, right below your name, you will find 5 of your most recent photos. These photos are taken either from your recent uploads or tags. As always, you’re in control of which photos you want your friends to see. You can remove photos from the dock by clicking X on the upper right corner of each picture.

2. Highlight relationships: The new FB profile page allows you to highlight family members and other important people in your life, like your best friends, ex-lovers, current sweetheart or coworkers — straight from your profile.

3. New Friendship Page: On the upper right corner of a friend’s revamped FB profile page, you will see a small section containing your tagged photos and mutual friends;?

The biggest question. How do you  Switch/Change to the New Facebook Profile Page?

EASY! Get your NEW Facebook Profile Page via this link. Just click on the green button at the upper right corner of the page.

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1 Response to “New Facebook Profile Page : How to Switch/Change?”

  1. 1 Jessica Argo Posted May 24th, 2011 - 5:14 am

    I Like Have Switch Back Myspace And Facebook Old Porifle


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