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Onlywire is a Traffic Thief


I have been using Onlywire for automated submission and posting of my articles to social bookmarking/networking sites for quite some time now.

Before, they were using another URL shortener to shorten long links, specially for Twitter, up until they changed it to their own URL shortener. I did not really bother.

Today, I found out that the Onlywire links are not redirecting to my blog posts. Instead, it is redirecting to their main page! Onlywire, YOU ARE A TRAFFIC THIEF!

And with that, I will be deleting all my tweets using TwitWipe and I will stop using Onlywire for now.

Screw you, Onlywire!

Yahoo! MyBlogLog to be discontinued


Just got a mail today that Yahoo! MyBloglog service will be discontinued, not that it really matters though.

Here is the part of the mail:

Dear MyBlogLog Customer,

You have been identified as a customer of Yahoo! MyBlogLog. We will officially discontinue Yahoo! MyBlogLog effective May 24, 2011. Your agreement with Yahoo!, to the extent that it applies to the Yahoo! MyBlogLog, will terminate on May 24, 2011.

After May 24, 2011 your credit card will no longer be charged for premium services on MyBlogLog. We will refund you the unused portion of your subscription, if any. The refund will appear as a credit via the billing method we have on file for you. To make sure that your billing information is correct and up to date, visit

If you have questions about these changes, please visit the Yahoo! MyBlogLog help pages.

We thank you for being a customer on Yahoo! MyBlogLog.


The Yahoo! My BlogLog Team

Was MyBlogLog helpful to you? Will the closure really matter?

New Facebook Profile Page : How to Switch/Change?


Facebook does not seem to get tired of putting new updates on the site, for better or for worse. Facebook has just rolled out the new look/layout of Facebook Profile Page.

For those who haven’t implemented the update, here are 3 key changes to expect from this revamp:

1. New recent photo dock: In your wall posts page, right below your name, you will find 5 of your most recent photos. These photos are taken either from your recent uploads or tags. As always, you’re in control of which photos you want your friends to see. You can remove photos from the dock by clicking X on the upper right corner of each picture.

2. Highlight relationships: The new FB profile page allows you to highlight family members and other important people in your life, like your best friends, ex-lovers, current sweetheart or coworkers — straight from your profile.

3. New Friendship Page: On the upper right corner of a friend’s revamped FB profile page, you will see a small section containing your tagged photos and mutual friends;?

The biggest question. How do you  Switch/Change to the New Facebook Profile Page?

EASY! Get your NEW Facebook Profile Page via this link. Just click on the green button at the upper right corner of the page. Photo Uploader Improved (at last)


I have always wanted to write about’s Photo Uploader. I wanted to rant about how it sucked and what improvements need to be made. may have read my mind as they have recently updated and improved their Photo Uploader. Before, you will not be able to view your photo uploads if in case you want to reuse it (at least I did not know how to do it if it was possible). Uploading multiple photos is also a pain as you may not be able to see other photos on that batch if in any case you closed the uploader to check the preview of your posts. Also, you will not be able add multiple photos at once. You have to do it one by one.

Then the update! now has the option to click multiple photos and add those photos at once.  Second, you now have the option to add/view past photo uploads so that you can use it o your post. You also have the option so use uploaded pictures from Picassa Web Albums.

Good job! Now, there is one more thing that you left out which we badly need (or at least I need). Please update your sizing/resizing options. We don’t want to restricted to having sized Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Original size. We want to have the sizing/resizing bar on the images so that we can freely resize our pictures to whatever we like.

Hopefully it happens sooner. user, you do want that too right?

Myspace Facelifted; New Myspace Layout


I don’t normally login to Myspace for the past year or so. I only use Myspace for social media marketing and I do the marketing using Onlywire.

Upon visiting Myspace recently, Myspace just got a facelift and I think it looks really pretty. Upon logging in, the layout did change but there is quite a slight delay on posting replies to friend’s status but it is acceptable.

Will keep Myspace in watch for now.

How to change facebook fan page name


If you happen to arrive in this page because you are looking for a way on how to change the Facebook fan page name of the page you created, then welcome to the club.

I have created multiple Facebook Fan Pages for my websites and did not have any trouble up until I created a Facebook Fan Page for the business I just started. I was too confident writing the business name as the Fan Page name. Weeks past and more fans and likes came until a fan asked if the name of the business is really “123SMAYL Phobooth!”. The name should have been 123SMAYL PHOTOBOOTH! I couldn’t believed I misspelled the Facebook Fan Page Name of my business but I did not panic as I know, knowing Facebook, that there should be a way to change the Facebook Fan Page name.

And I searched the Facebook panel, searched, searched and searched. Used every known Search Engine for ways on how to change facebook fan page name and to my dismay, up until now, changing a facebook fan page name is still not possible!

From the Facebook FAQs page:

  • It’s not currently possible to edit the name of a Page. If you would like to change your Page name, you will need to delete your Page and recreate it. The Facebook team isn’t able to change Page names for you.

DELETE THE PAGE AND RECREATE IT?! That is not too clever Facebook team!  Facebook has done a lot of innovations for the Online Community and you can give us the feature of “changing a facebook fan page name“. That is not what I have expected.

For now, deleting the page is not an option so I will keep my current misspelled Facebook Fan Page and wait for Facebook to hear thousands of users who had the same misfortune as I did! Oh Gods of Facebook, please hear our prayers!

Look Alive. The New Digg is Here


Well, it seems that it’s not just Twitter that did a major revamp by introducing the New Twitter

. Popular online bookmarking site, Digg, is also introducing the New Digg, with new design and new features.

So I clicked on the email and visited the new Digg, but I did not really see anything new, maybe a slight redesign of the site was done. It would have been nice if the Digg Team gave an introduction of the new Digg features.

Digg Team?


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